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Phoenix Oolong

Phoenix Oolong

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Phoenix Oolong tea is known to have various health benefits, including aiding digestion, stimulating appetite, invigorating, aiding weight loss, enhancing immunity, and potentially contributing to longevity.

The cultivation and production of Chaozhou tea have a history of over six hundred years. Currently, one of the most renowned high-quality varieties of Chaozhou tea is Phoenix Oolong. The finished appearance of Phoenix Oolong tea is aesthetically pleasing, characterized by its exquisite shape, vibrant color, rich fragrance, and delightful taste. It has repeatedly been bestowed with the accolade of being a nationally recognized fine tea. The aroma of Phoenix Oolong tea is full and abundant, with a mellow and refreshing flavor, accompanied by a unique mountainous sweetness and natural floral fragrance.

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  • Take out the tea bag
    and put it in the cup

  • Pour 200ml boiling water

  • Steep for 50 seconds
    in the first brew

  • Can steeped for 4-5 brews
    ( 50s / 60s / 80s / 120s )

  • Cold Brew Tea: Refrigerate
    for 3+ hours in cold water

  • Enjoy our premium

    whole leaf tea

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