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Zunyi Black Tea

Zunyi Black Tea

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Zunyi Black Tea boasts a bright red infusion, accompanied by a rich and lasting fragrance. Its elevated aroma persists, while its flavor offers a refreshing and mellow depth. Black tea is recognized for its potential benefits including promoting metabolism, reducing cholesterol levels, and supporting liver health and vision clarity.

Zunyi Black Tea captivates tea enthusiasts with its distinctive fruity aroma and vibrant, substantial taste. Following a period of winter dormancy, the tea bushes undergo a phase of nutrient accumulation, resulting in leaves brimming with vitality and nutrients. Zunyi Black Tea is cultivated in Fenggang County, Guizhou Province, a region honored by the China Geographical Indication Products Committee as the "Homeland of Fenggang Rich Zinc and Selenium Organic Tea." In January 2016, "Fenggang Rich Zinc and Selenium Tea" was granted
protection as a Chinese geographical indication product.

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  • Take out the tea bag
    and put it in the cup

  • Pour 200ml boiling water

  • Steep for 40 seconds
    in the first brew

  • Can steeped for 4-5 brews
    ( 60s / 80s / 120s / 180s )

  • Cold Brew Tea: Refrigerate
    for 3+ hours in cold water

  • Enjoy our premium

    whole leaf tea

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