The Story of Teafanie

Teafanie is a tea brand founded by Mr. Ho Shing Wong Victor, a Hong Kong native. The brand's Chinese name is derived from the founder's surname, which sounds like "drinking tea" in Chinese. The brand's English name is derived from the name Tiffany, which is the name of Mr. Ho's wife. This concept draws inspiration from the Cantonese classic song by Jacky Cheung, "Your Name, My Surname." Through this brand, they commemorate their sweet love story.

Tiffany is a native of Guizhou and a professional tea specialist. Her hometown in Guizhou is a province known for its tea culture. Having been exposed to Chinese tea upon his arrival in mainland China, Mr. Ho quickly developed a deep appreciation for the country's traditional teas. Upon discovering the story and cultural heritage of Guizhou tea, he made the decision to contribute to the revitalization of rural areas in Guizhou. Mr. Ho wanted to offer a convenient way for Hong Kong people to enjoy high-quality traditional Chinese tea and, at the same time, build a bridge and connection to spread the excellent traditional tea culture of mainland China to Hong Kong. This led to the creation of "Teafanie".