Why Choose Teafanie?

Teafanie is a brand primarily focuses on selecting premium Guizhou tea, supplemented with other renowned teas.

Pure Organic Tea Gardens
Guizhou Province is the first in the country to prohibit the use of water-soluble pesticides and glyphosate in tea gardens. Through the concerted efforts of the provincial government and its people, Guizhou green tea has been recognized under the "China-EU Geographical Indications Protection Cooperation Agreement."

Exceptional Ecological Environment in Guizhou
Guizhou tea meets the rigorous requirements of the EU standard, growing in tea regions with high altitudes, low latitudes, no pollution, and limited exposure to sunlight. The picturesque green mountains and clear waters of Guizhou not only nurtures the organic ecology of Guizhou green tea but also imparts a unique and exceptional taste.

Guizhou's Cultural Spirit
The people of Guizhou are known for their simplicity, loyalty, and responsibility. They consider crafting premium, healthy, and purely organic tea as a lifelong A. The distinct characteristics of Guizhou tea lie in its health benefits, delightful taste, and excellent value. Embracing Guizhou's clean tea is embracing a healthy lifestyle as a proud Chinese citizen.