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Fortune Tea

Fortune Tea

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In life, there are many things we cannot control, cannot retain, and cannot fully comprehend. Overthinking leads to frustration, and excessive calculation leads to exhaustion. Going with the flow is not about being careless but about making deliberate choices and showing great tolerance. Along the journey of life, learn to embrace what comes naturally. Act in harmony with nature, uphold your conscience, and approach life with a calm and kind heart. Let things unfold naturally, and find peace in accepting what comes your way.

Teafanie’s Fortune Tea includes five different varieties of Teafanie’s
tea bags, with two bags each.

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  • Take out the tea bag
    and put it in the cup

  • Pour 200ml boiling water

  • Check the brewing chart
    at the bottom of the box

  • Can be steeped
    multiple times

  • Cold Brew Tea: Refrigerate
    for 3+ hours in cold water

  • Enjoy our premium

    whole leaf tea

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