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Curled Maofeng Green Tea

Curled Maofeng Green Tea

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Curled Maofeng Green Tea features a translucent tea infusion with a refreshing and tender flavor, accompanied by a lingering sweet aftertaste. Green tea offers a range of benefits, including refreshing the mind, alleviating heat and summer discomfort, aiding in digestion and phlegm reduction, aiding weight loss by reducing grease, detoxifying, sobering up, as well as reducing internal heat and dampness.

Curled Maofeng Green Tea is an organic green tea from Guizhou. It is harvested before Qingming Festival, which is the first batch of tea leaves in the year. Following a period of winter dormancy, the tea bushes have accumulated nutrients, making the tea leaves exceptionally rich in content. Curled Maofeng Green Tea is produced in Fenggang County, Guizhou Province, which has been granted the title of "Hometown of Fenggang Enriched Zinc and Selenium Organic Tea" by the China Specialty Origin Products Committee. In January 2016, "Fenggang Enriched Zinc and Selenium Tea" received protection as a geographical indication product in China.

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  • Take out the tea bag
    and put it in the cup

  • Pour 200ml boiling water

  • Steep for 60 seconds
    in the first brew

  • Can steeped for 2-3 brews
    ( 3min / 5min )

  • Cold Brew Tea: Refrigerate
    for 3+ hours in cold water

  • Enjoy our premium

    whole leaf tea

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