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Ancient Tree White Tea

Ancient Tree White Tea

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Yunnan Ancient Tree White Tea: It exudes a refined and exquisite aroma, with the tea infusion carrying a subtle natural tea fragrance. Upon tasting, it leaves a sweet and refreshing aftertaste. Consuming white tea imparts antioxidative effects, aiding in the deceleration of cellular aging and the prevention of various chronic illnesses. It is capable of reducing cholesterol and blood pressure, contributing to the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Additionally, it serves to enhance immune system functionality.

Situated at high altitudes in Yunnan, an environment untainted by pollution fosters remarkable biodiversity. Yunnan Ancient Tree White Tea is crafted using the leaves of centennial trees, adhering to the techniques of white tea production. These trees have thrived in Yunnan for over a century. Whether in the form of loose leaf or tightly compressed tea, the tea benefits from the region's optimal natural conditions, leading to its richness in various beneficial elements for the human body.

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  • Take out the tea bag
    and put it in the cup

  • Pour 200ml boiling water

  • Steep for 40 seconds
    in the first brew

  • Can steeped for 4-5 brews
    ( 40s / 60s / 120s / 180s )

  • Cold Brew Tea: Refrigerate
    for 3+ hours in cold water

  • Enjoy our premium

    whole leaf tea

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